5 Step Collision Repair Process


Get a Free Estimate

We can use your insurance estimate or provide you with one of ours.

File a Claim with your insurance Company

Hail damage claims won’t affect your rates. We work with all of the major insurance companies so we can handle the estimate and collect payment from them directly.

Arrange a Rental Car

We make your rental car reservation and set up billing directly with your insurance company. Once you drop your car off, you can stay in the rental until repairs are complete. If you don’t have rental car insurance, we will provide you with a rental car.

Schedule your Vehicle for Repairs

We will schedule your vehicle in for repairs at a time that is most convenient for you.

Drop off and pickup of your vehicle

We usually have a day and a night shift working 6 days a week, so finding a convenient time to drop off or pickup your vehicle will be easy.